“Why should we build a Maternity Unit and Child Healthcare Centre in Parahi?”

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  1. Shamraze Ali says:

    Salam,I have recently visited Pakistan and have seen the need for a maternity and child centre in this area,this will also help other surrounding areas.i hope this is completed soon so I can visit it next time I’m there,inshallah,God bless the people helping and supporting this cause.

  2. reenie says:

    I pray Almighty Allah save the lives of people there and the sooner these people get all type of medical facilities there the better. Ameen

  3. Zamir Afzal says:

    Wonderful responses coming from those who know why it has become vital to have such a facility in Parahi.Even thou i am not from there i think we can all contribute in this great project one way another.May God Almighty give us all the courage and make this a success for the coming future Ameen.

  4. Farid says:

    It is very important that this project is done sooner than later. There have been a number of cases where lives have been lost unnecessarily. Now that we have the opportunity to do this, with resources being there, we just need to move forward and be positive to get this done. Please get involved and offer any help that you can. Together we can make this happen.

  5. F.Hussain says:

    I had the opportunity to travel to Parahi last year with my family. Whilst there I had an experience that made me realise how important health care is and how much the people in Parahi are suffering and lacking this basic service.
    My son who was 3 at that time was with us and he is an asthma suffer. Whilst we were there he had a severe Asthma attack. We asked whether there was any facility close by that could help my child, but there was nothing. My husband phoned all the local medical people who were to my amazement unable to help. With our knowledge we started seeking a nebuliser and started phoning the centres out of the area. We found that the closest place which had a nebuliser was 45 minute drive away. Those 45 minutes were one of the worst in my life, with the feeling of being absolutely helpless in helping my child. Once we got there, the nebuliser machine was full of dust, and really poor condition.
    I truly feel sorry for the people living there and having to experience these things unnecessarily. I really hope and pray that this organisation can achieve what they have set out to do, as it will most definitely help in saving lives and carry out effective treatments for the venerable of that society, the women and children. Overall, Health care is an important and necessary part of any society; it is important for all, young and old, rich and poor, and there is no reason why healthcare is not accessible to people in any society.

  6. Jamil Akhtar says:

    In my humble opinion this would be a great achievement for the organisers and will be great source of help for individuals who are going through this hardship. I must emphasise though as long as it stays none-political, would be a wonderful effort to help needy people. Allah (SWT) will reward the efforts and intentions of the people involved in anyway, as you know that saving one life is like saving whole mankind and this project will insha Allah save a lot of lives. May Allah give you a lot strength and will power to continue with difficult task, aameen.

  7. Shazana says:

    This unit will not only help the ladies and children of parahi. But also the surrounding areas. This is much needed. The benefits are endless. Our support and thoughts and prayers are with you so this amazing cause can actually take flight and we can start saving lives and making a difference for the people who have been suffering in silence and they desrve this kind of life treatment.

  8. Nageena says:

    This is a life saving thought and I pray that Allah( saw) gives u the strength and means to carry out such a noble deed. Like our beloved prophet said “save one life and and the save whole of humanity”. Just imagine how many lives will be saved with having this unit in parahi.

  9. H says:

    The people of these villages need these facilities . It’s the humane thing to do to prevent infant mortality and deaths in pregnancy. It will give these women and children a better start in life and hopefully a better health for the rest of their lives. Let’s make the world a better place for the next generation .

  10. Councillor Mumtaz Hussain says:

    I think this is a good cause of aid which i would strongly support this project. Because lack of medical services thousands of women and children die in pregnancy so i think it is a really good idea to build a child care and maternity hospital. Over all the charity is doing a really good job and i fully support them.

  11. Syed says:

    These families are going through hardship in situations where they can be helped. I pray this project can be delivered soon.

  12. Zafeer Ul-Hassan says:

    A maternity unit in Parahi is a great idea. I know some friends who are resident in Parahi and have to travel miles to get to the nearest hospital for admission should the need arise. Not only would the maternity unit serve the residents of Parahi but will also benefit surrounding villages. I think this is a fantastic concept and would be pleased to see that the community is benefitting from this idea.

  13. shaista khan says:

    To build a maternity unit and healthcare centre for children in this particular area of Azad Kashmir would be very beneficial to the local community. This will not only help families access healthcare sooner but will encourage poorer families to access care for the children and women who probably do not have the financial support. However looking at the bigger picture having such a unit will prevent infant mortality amongst these communities. In UK the highest infant mortality rates show to be the highest amongst the Pakistani and afro carribean groups so can you imagine what the rates will be in Pakistan today. I think this unit will support families to access care, inform women of general health needs during pregnancy by offering them choices and information which is relevant to their care. This would help send out key messages to other families within their community to learn, understand and follow basic needs around caring for the unborn child and prevent complications by accessing the right advice from health professionals. It would prevent women from still births and giving birth whilst travelling out of town to give birth in hospital and women would be able to acces the care during pregnancy locally. I could go on but I won’t and think it is a great idea.

  14. Umar Malik says:

    Although im not from parahi, I support the project of building a maternity as it is purely beneficial and vital for the people because the distance to the nearest facility is around 30/40miles. Not only does it benefit the people of parahi but also helps and supports near by villeges.

    Umar Malik

  15. Toseef says:

    I myself am from prahi, although i live in great britain, i am strongly for the proposed plans for a maternity unit & child care centre. This will be a very vital step for the people of Prahi, providing the people with a health care facility and a chance to develop their lifes to a much modern and safer life style. I have 100% support towards this project and am looking forward to seeing an improved prahi.

    Toseef Anjum – nathal – Prahi

  16. Fayoom says:

    This area being talked about is deprived of basic health facilities. The nearest facilities available are in Mirpur which is 30/35 miles away. Most people can not afford to travel to Mirpur and for those who can afford it takes about 2 to 3 hours. I feel that there is an urgent need of a Maternity Unit and Child Care Centre in Parahi. It will serve hundreds of people who live in the catchment area. I support you in this noble cause and wish you success.

  17. Leslie Rose says:

    I would strongly support a maternity Unit and Child healthcare Centre in Parahi. My main reason is because although I am lucky enough to have been born in a developed Country many other good people are unfortunately not.

    I personally believe in Equality and that all people are born equal with as much right to life as another. Anything which helps level the playing field and put people on a fairer and more equal footing is a very good idea that should be supported.

    I myself was born with a Bilateral Cleft Lip and Palate, which is a recognised cogentital cognitive condition and it is also present within different ethnic groups of people. Without the benefit of modern science and technology, I would probably not been fortunate enough to reach the level of education , and health that I enjoy today.

    I had to undergo various medical operations as a child to help with my appearance, speech etc due to the condition. I believe that people in developing parts of the world should be afforded help also. The condition can affect self confidence, self esteem, social interaction. In the England we have charities like CLAPA the cleft lip and palate association to help support people affected by the condition. I feel that anyhting which helps give a child a fair chance in life is amazing, and this project will help support those who need it most.

    Without the medical help I received particularly as a child, I would not have reached my academic goals, I currently work in a Solicitors and I am proud of the barriers I have overcome. I believe that children and families in poorer parts of the world should be afforded some hope, and this project will help to provide that hope!

    The modern world needs to slow down and help the poorer parts, we focus on media
    perceptions and image, when some people do not have the basics in life, which many take for granted everyday.

    I fight to become a Solicitor so i can restore Equality and stand for the weaker. This is why I strongly urge you to support this project.


  18. Mohammed Shafiq Siddiq says:

    I am from Prahi and I know the area and facilities well which are of very poor standard. It is every womans right to have a good and professional service when giving birth.
    Currently our nearest any advice and medical centres are about 40 miles and again are of a poor standard.
    I strongly back this up and request each and every one of us to support this in any way of form possible.

  19. carly stott says:

    I strongly support the building of a maternity and child health centre. Women in the uk are fortunate to have a safe standard of care with very low mortality rates. As a midwife I feel this should be made available to women and families all over the world.

  20. Sue Nicholson says:

    i have no family or relatives in this area, but strongly agree that a maternity hospital / health advice centre should be available for the residents of the country to be able to have access to health care.

  21. mahwish says:

    Yes, every year million of women during pregnancy died due to lack of medical service , i strong support this great cause and think that everyone should come forward and support this service.

  22. rizvana achha says:

    Eventhough I have no family roots in this particular region or country, and will not personally know anyone that will benefit from this, I would like to mention that this is a fantastic opportunity for poor people and wish good luck to this project. Together we can make the world a better place…..

  23. zahira A says:

    I am pleased with the thought of having a maternity and child health centre in the region as it means improving the chances of survival of the women and children of that region.

  24. Zahira A says:

    The need for this unit is beneficial as women in small villages have to travel long distances to get to the nearest hospital, which puts women at risk.
    This would be wonderful for the women and children of that region.

  25. Nazia akbar says:

    Every woman deserves to deliver her child with dignity in a safe place.
    As Muslims everyone needs to pull together and help the ummah.. Tiny innocent babies are left to suffer in their mothers womb as the mother attempts to bring him/her into the world and show how beautiful the world is.
    When a woman is in a shop the gentleman always holds the door open for her as a woman deserves respect so when that same woman is giving birth to another human being why should she be left to run and beg for that respect ?
    If not for anyone else please support this beautiful cause in the name of the prophet pbuh and follow the messengers aim to protect the ummah

  26. Mohammed Zahoor says:

    This a great cause and I feel everyone should be supporting it morally and financially too, it is everyone’s duty to help and support under Privileged  people.

  27. khalid says:

    The need for this unit is very important, there is no such unit within a close range to parahi. It will make a difference to the quality of lives of many women and children. Having been to pakistan and seeing the roads and the conditions, I now see why so many women die during child birth on their way to the hospital which is in mirpur, that are miles away. It is a shame that noone thought of this life changing facility before, so many lives could have been saved plus this will benefit the poor of the surrounding areas whom cannot afford transport to mirpur. I am with you 100% and will support you all the way. A brilliant cause, well done!

  28. Mohammed Wahab says:

    A lot of women are dying when they are giving birth to their child and also when women are pregnant, we don’t have any facilities, such as regular check ups for pregnant women. There are roughly 20,000 people living in our certain area who have to travel long distances to cities such as Chakswari or Mirpur. Our sisters, aunties, mothers, and daughters did not have any facilities while they were or are pregnant. Babies are born in cars, vans etc, when their mothers are travelling to go to hospitals in cities.

  29. M Nadeem says:

    we need M U & C H Centre in prahi, reason being so many eligble people are unaware of risks and complications about the relevant issues and the serivce is far to expenise for the needy people. People are victims of snobbery and degrading system and to help them to make improvement and awarness through the education and providing the facility will be the most rewarding and beneficial for the people of this region.

  30. Asif says:

    The project will begin to establish a new era of safer childbirth in the region of Parahi. Statistics show that every minute of every day around the world a woman dies of pregnancy related complications, totalling more than half a million women each year. We are part of changing that in Parahi, where every year a great number of women die during childbirth. This work needs your help as well as mine to succeed. Can you support it? If yes, please donate today. Thank you

  31. Khalil says:

    A recent study showed “In low income countries, more than 90% of extremely preterm babies die within the first few days of life, while less than 10% die in high income countries.” The main reason was due to the lack of basic services.

    Please take time and read the full article on:


  32. A Bi Hussain says:

    We really need a Maternity Unit in Parahi. If a man is to go through giving birth to a child, he would understand the pain a lady goes through, and there would be loads of facilities for them. This unit is very, very important for the ladies of the region. Sisters please add your comments for this important cause.

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