Disabled People Project

Project Objectives

  • To raise the profile of disabled people, people who need to depend on others to survive
  • To provide support for the disabled people of the region
  • To help develop future disabled people facilities in the region

Project Facts

  • There are currently many disabled people within the region that receive no support from the government or local residents
  • Very often disabled people are treated as second class citizens
  • Currently there are absolutely no facility or culture to incorporate disabled people to be an integral part of society in that region.

Disabled People List

Below is the list of people the project will start with. Photographs have been requested and will available on the Website soon:

  1. Qurban Karamdad (Jatpaar) – can’t speak
  2. Jalaal Maken (Banaal) – Can’t see
  3. Sadaaq – Maryari (80 +, no offspring)
  4. Nosheen Maqsood (Nam) – Psychological problems
  5. Gul Begum Rhem Ali (Nam) – Can’t move due to old age
  6. Akhtar Bi Raang (Nam)– Psychological problems
  7. Babu Sheiks Daughter – born disabled
  8. Sadaaq BaagAli (Dilyah) – Psychological problems
  9. Imran Abdul haq (Miryari) – Can’t speak, deaf
  10. Abdul Razaq Attah Mohammed (Maskeen Pura) – Spinal Injury
  11. Haji Fazal Alaahi Baaz Khan (Maskeen Pura) – Spinal Injury
  12. Alishaan – Dabariaal (Old age) 80+
  13. Shokaath Waliath Prati – Psychological Problem
  14. Rehmaan Raang Prati – Old age, Psychological Problems
  15. Mumtaz Hussain (Prahi, Panaha) – Leg has been amputated
  16. (Waleed + Fathraaz) Saheer – Cant speak
  17. Zeenath Bi Askar  – Can’t speak
  18. Idnan Palal    – No use of Legs

If you would like to sponsor any of these people then please get in touch with Kashmir Aid (AJK).

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