The main areas identified for improvement on the Poverty aspect are described below. There may be additions to these at a later stage.

Research is being conducted to see the feasibility of carrying out the ideas listed below. Some other ideas may come to light during this research. These may be prioritised over others with respect to the resources available and funding available.

(1) Families in Need Program:

We will provide financial help and tools for poor families, individuals that have disabilities, to become self sufficient. Kashmir Aid (AJK) will lead in providing the required help, advice, knowledge and the right tools.

(2) A Better Future for Orphans Program:

We will concentrate on examining the needs of orphans in that region and providing financial security working with local schools, medical and shopping establishments. Kashmir Aid (AJK) will work with eligible Orphans requiring this help.

(3) Orphan Society Development

We will aim to provide free educational facilities for Orphans. This program will aim to equip the Orphans to attain success in the future.

Please use the feedback form to provide us with any useful information on these subject areas, and any other issues that you feel should be considered. We will review these, generate a comprehensive list and will move forward with this prioritised list.

2 Responses to Poverty

  1. Bernadette says:


    I am the fundraiser you were speaking to at Holborn today, just to let you know I have given your details to the office as requested. (Healing org.uk)

    all the best and good luck with your work

    • Khalil says:

      It was wonderful to speak with you. Thank you for your help, I’ll get in touch with the office after the holidays.


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