The main areas identified for improvement on the health aspect are described below. There may be additions to these at a later stage.

Research is being conducted to see the feasibility of carrying out the ideas listed below. Some other ideas may come to light during this research. These ideas maybe prioritised over others with respect to the resources and funding available.

(1) Hospitals Program - There will be a focus on hospital services due to the lack of high standard hospitals, staff and services in Kashmir. Also, the charity will look to increase co-operation with hospitals in Great Britain and examine issues specific to Kashmiri people with regard to health. There is a need for a better service in Kashmir for women, i.e. hospitals/clinics for women only. These facilities would not only help treat patients but also have programs to help educated those with insufficient knowledge.

(2) Immunisation Program - To develop a basic service which allows free and compulsory immunisation for children up to the age of 16.

(3) Snake Bite Program – To develop and effective Snake Bite Treatment service for a region that currently has nothing.

(4) Health Education Program - Special programs set in hospitals or clinics, as well as schools will help educate individuals to at least have a basic health understanding. This would in turn be an advantage for their personal well being and possibly education for generations to come.

(5) Ambulance Service Program - To develop a basic and effective ambulance service throughout the region of Kashmir .

(6) Local GP Enabling Program – Supporting local GP’s with help and advice to improve the services they provide for the local communities.

Please use the feedback form to provide us with any useful information on these subject areas and any other issues that you feel should be considered. We will review these and generate a comprehensive list and will moved forward with this prioritised lists.

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