Kashmir Aid is making an impact on the Kashmir ‘s educational infrastructure.

(1) Development of Basic Facilities : Identify and help any schools which lack the most basic facilities.

(2) Improving Standards Program : Establish an institute or work with an existing institute to deliver education to students, which is of recognised international standard. To begin with, this will be to a primary school standard and would later develop to other levels. This institute will deliver high standard of resources and facilities and will be committed to the educational needs of the community rather than financial reasons for the institute. This institute will encourage the less fortunate to take up education, so that they have a fair chance to build a secure future for themselves and that they may also contribute to the system in the future.

(3) Improving Standards Program Continuous Improvement Program: Establish a network of qualified teachers within the region through a Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) for teacher training and a supply of international teachers to teach and deliver courses within selected institutes.

(4) Technology Initiative Program: Establish a Technology Initiative Program (TIP) to encourage the growth of technology within the region.

(5) Long-term Aims Program : To establish a network of the above institutes in a multitude of disciplines and to deliver education at all levels once a high standard of education has been established. Also, to build strong links with industry and encourage industry to work with these high standard educational establishments so that industry may be developed further.

Please use the feedback form to provide us with any useful information on these subject areas and any other issues that you feel should be considered. We will review theseĀ and generate a comprehensive list and will move forward with this prioritised list.

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