“There are many charities in the world helping those in need and need to be given appreciation and credit for their work. Kashmir Aid (AJK) believes that there are other Charities that may be better placed in carrying out certain types of Charity. Kashmir Aid (AJK) also believe that close collaboration between Charities is curial in helping those that need our help most“

“Helping those less fortunate makes you appreciate your life, and makes you feel proud that you have improved someone’s life. Your help no matter how big, can make a large difference in the world and only you have the choice to make this difference. “

We have arranged 4 different procedures for anyone donating to this charity. You can either pay one lump sum by cheque/postal order, cards, via a mobile phone or in to the bank account.

Additionally, you can set up a Direct Debit and pay a certain amount (even as little as £5 a month will go along way) into to the charity account from your bank account. This simple set up of accounts can be easily arranged by your bank with the charity account details given below and cancelled when ever you want.

Donations from your Mobile Phone

Please send a text message with the following details (Please donate either, £1, £5 or £10 only):

KAID01 £amount

for example:

KAID01 £10

To this number:


Payment by PayPal

Bank Details

Address of Bank:

HSBC Bank plc, Moorgate Branch,

The Helican, 1 South Place ,

London . EC2M 2UP

Sort code:                        400304

Account Number:          21420372

To set up a mandate please print this form and take it to your bank: StandingOrderMandate

Donations by Cheque

Any cheques should be made payable to “Kashmir Aid (AJK)” and should be sent to:

Kashmir Aid (AJK) Charity

7 Scout Hill View


West Yorkshire

WF13 3RG

Note: Please indicate on any of the above payment types above the ‘Subject’ as one of the Kashmir Aid (AJK) programs that you wish to contribute towards.

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