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Your help is urgently needed. The work required under each of the programs undertaken by Kashmir Aid (AJK) is huge. Assistance is required in each and every area mentioned in the website. Kashmir Aid (AJK) is in need of your contribution in the form of advice, suggestions, as well as financial help. We also need your help in conducting important research that can be shared between us and other charities in our chosen programs.

If you are a Graduate in any of these fields, then please come forward and register as a Graduate here:

Graduate Register –

You can express your view on our current projects here:

Project Discussion Blog –

You can come and join as as an expert in any of chosen fields here:

Expert Register (Non Graduates) –

Please be assured that each suggestion put forward will be addressed and experts will be contacted from time to time to assist towards specific aspects of Kashmir Aid (AJK)’s chosen programs.

“Together we can move forward with issues that are being addressed by Kashmir Aid (AJK) and build a brighter future for the people. “

M. Khalil


Kashmir Aid (AJK)

If you are interested in the work we are doing and would like to contribute then please email us your profile to

Please keep checking the changes in this section. Thank you for visiting Kashmir Aid (AJK) and we hope to hear from you soon.

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